Lesson 21: Suffixes


Lesson 21: Suffixes:

Spelling Rule:  All of the List Words have been built from root words and the endings s or es, ed, or ing.  Add es to words that end in x, s, sh, or ch.  Just add s to words ending in other letters.


1.   worked

2.   sending

3.   wants

4.   glasses

5.   sees

6.   burning

7.   reached

8.   boxes

9.   wishes

10.   opening



Descriptive Sentences About IREC


Landon:  The twenty people played safely on the IREC playground and two people got injured badly.

Raunie:  All the grade one students and grade two students played happily together.

Emily:  Quietly, Mr. W. walked down the hall without a peep.

Makayla:  The grade twos were working hard on their social studies test.

Katum:  Blackfalds is a peaceful place to live in.

Daniel:  The way I would like to make our community a better place is to stop all bullying in the schools of Blackfalds.

Maria:  There are big playgrounds that you can happily play on.

Shaelynn:  Iron Ridge is a great place because lots of people are her and lots of people love it.

Czarina:  Blackfalds is a very very nice community.

Maya:  IREC is a very nice raccoon mascot.

Logan:  Our town of Blackfalds is on a beautiful prairie.

Liam:  Iron Ridge is a good place to go to school.

Joshua:  IREC is a cool guy to look at during extreme assemblies.

Kynzi:  IREC is a great place to be at during gym time because you get to run lots of times around the gym.

Austin:  At Iron Ridge it is a great place for children to play and learn.

Lesson 9


Spelling Rule:  Each List Word has the long 0 sound spelled in one of the following ways:  o _ e as in those, ow as in low, oa as in coat, o as in go, or old as in sold.

1.  those

2.  low

3.  goat

4.  own

5.  coat

6.  go

7.  hope

8.  sold

o.  over

10.  ago

Descriptive Sentences


Joshua:  A T-Rex dinosaur stomped noisily to his dark cave.

Maya:  A brown rabbit quickly ran across the short grass.

Austin:  Our elementary school has a small bunch of grade one students playing safely on the school playground.

Kynzi:  At the large house, their german shepherd dog jumped quietly onto the queen sized bed.

Raunie:  A small dog walked quietly to his small bed.

Jayde:  There were five black cats and they all jumped far over the high fence.

Emily:  The little girl ran quickly with her small doll and when she  finally crossed the big road she accidentally dropped her doll.

Kolton:  The brown and white hamster ran slowly to exerice.

Shaelynn:  The small fish swam fast to go to his old uncle fish.

Liam:  Two white and brown rabbits were playing happily together in the sunny backyard.

Daniel:  Five worker ants were swiftly bringing bitter food back to their large colony.

Lesson 8


Spelling Rule:  Each List Word has the long i sound.  Sometimes the sound is spelled i_e as in mile.  Sometimes the long i is spelled i _ _ as in find.


1.  wide

2.  mile

3.  line

4.  hide

5.  fire

6.  nice

7.  fine

8.  mind

9.  find

10.   behind